Different types of treatment methods are combined including: chiropractic adjustment, soft tissue and deep tissue work (neuromuscular re-education), physical therapy modalities, neuro-emotional technique, muscle testing, electric stimulation, ultrasound, acoustical massage, exercise, nutrition and homeopathic remedies to relieve your pain and make you well.

Specialize In:

  • Deep tissue bodywork (massage)
  • NET - neuro-emotional technique
  • Auto accidents / No-Fault
  • Workman's Compensation


How many visits will you need?

Acute care will require more visits. As pain subsides and you become active with your own care, frequency decreases. The goal of this office is to make you independent of care.

NET - neuro-emotional technique ®

A breakthrough technique used by healthcare providers to diagnose and correct with pinpoint accuracy structural, emotional, toxic and nutritional aberrations in the body that affect our overall health and ability to heal.

Deep Tissue Bodywork (massage)

Dr. Kaufman offers a deep, soft tissue massage for chronic injuries or for the high level athlete looking to excel.


Dr. Kaufman is trained and able to order custom made orthodics to aid in your care and continued health.

Nutritional Counseling

Using a method of muscle testing, where the body itself tells what lacking or not needed. Dr. Kaufman is then able to guide the patient what choices to make in nutritional supplement to achieve a higher level of health. We offer whole food supplements from Standard Process® and high quality neutraceuticals from Metagenics®.

Personal Training & Rehabilitation

Dr. Kaufman is a certified personal trainer and offers customized personal training programs. The sessions are for 1/2 hour each.

Exercise balls, tubing, etc. used in the training sessions are available for sale so that you will be able to continue your exercises and workouts at home if you like.

Cupping Therapy & Massage

Cupping Therapy is used to stimulate the peripheral nervous system; bring blood flow to stagnant muscles and skin; and loosen adhesions, connective tissue and stubborn knots in soft tissue. Numerous conditions respond beautifully to cupping therapy, including fibromyalgia, cellulite, anxiety, insomnia, post-injury trauma, chronic pain and post-surgery adhesions.

Ear Candling(coning)

Alternative Therapy for Clean Ears -- Ear candling is NOT a cure for any disease, illness or ailment! Ear Candling can have many positive health benefits and is used primarily for cleaning the ears and to promote a healthy atmosphere in the ears. A candling session is ½ hour and uses four candles.

Other Services

Rehabilitative Training for health impaired individuals.